Synopsis of BCOTFA AGM Meetings


Minutesof the 41stAnnual General Meeting September 15, 2019

The meeting was held at the Heritage House, 100 Lorne Street, Kamloops, BC (following a pancake breakfast by the Paddlewheelers Lions Club), with President Jackie Davis in the chair.

There were 17 members & 4 guests present including 6 Provincial Board members (Jackie Davis, Florence Tellier, John Tribe, Jean Gelinas, Irene McAvena & Clark Hiles).  Barry Nakahara, Craig Freeman, & Karen Omit were absent from the board of directors. Four out of 13 Branches were represented.

Copies of the Meeting Agenda were distributed & the meeting was called to order at 9:03 a.m.

Minutesof the Annual General Meeting of June 3, 2018 had also been distributed.  MOTION:  by Jean Gelinas, 2ndIrene McAvena to approve the minutes as provided.  Carried.

Financial Statements for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019 had been circulated.  The statements reflected a net loss for the year of $ 2,915.66 and total current assets of $ 16,567.33.  MOTION:  by Florence Tellier, 2ndClark Hiles to accept the Financial Statements as presented.  Carried.

Ada Brownwas thanked for doing a review of the 2019 financial statements.


  • Thank you note from Michael Burnyeat re Grand Masters.


  • Jackie Davis reported on the success of the 2019 Canadian Grand Masters in Abbotsford, BC in August.
  • Top eleven were: Ethan Harty, 2. Kyle Burghout, 3. Jane Cory, 4. Paul Lemelin, 5. Kai Gronberg, 6. Ryan Rene Joshua D’Aoust, 7. Emma March, 8. Michael Burnyeat, 9. Tristen Durocher, 10. Maggie Whitaker, 11. Raymond Knorr.
  • The BCOTFA had provided $ 250 each to 3 of our recommendations who competed; Michael Burnyeat, Lia Gronberg & Chloe Nakahara.

ELECTIONS: Meeting was then adjourned at 9:09 and turned over to Clark Hiles & John Tribe to conduct elections. Scrutineers were Lynn Tribe & Jackie Davis.

  • President – Jackie Davis by acclamation
  • Vice President – Nominations were Clark Hiles & John Tribe with John Tribe elected by vote
  • Secretary Treasurer – Florence Tellier by acclamation
  • Directors:1 year position:  Nominated were Barry Nakahara & Doreen Rail with Doreen Rail elected by vote
  • Directors:2 year positions:  Nominated were Jean Gelinas & Clark Hiles with Jean Gelinas elected by vote.
  • Nominated was Clark Hiles, elected by acclamation
  • Nominated were Irene McAvena & Barry Nakahara with Barry Nakahara elected by vote

Motion by Hal Giles to destroy the ballots, 2ndby Doreen Rail & Carried.


  • Quesnel Branch #3 will host the 42ndAnnual General Meeting in October, 2020
  • Reminder that Quesnel Branch #3 will be having their 50thFiddle Contest in October, 2020. Lets all join them in celebrating such a wonderful milestone!
  • Jackie Davis recommended that we request ALL Branches to submit a nominee from their Branch to let their name stand for the Provincial Board of Directors for the 2020 AGM

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 AM


Synopsis of the fortieth Annual General Meeting – June 3, 2018 – Kelowna, BC
Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship 2018: Contestants recommended for this year were: Members Michael Burnyeat, Lia Gronberg, Anita Mamela & non-member Quin Etherridge – Pedden. Chloe Nakahara was recommended as an alternate.  Travel Grants for CGM 2018: MOTION was made & carried that we fund BCOTFA member competitors to a total of $1,400.00, with a maximum of $400.00 per person.  Changes to Bylaws: MOTION was made & carried to accept the revised Bylaws as circulated at the June 3/18 AGM.

The meeting then adjourned & Election of Officers for 2018-2019 took place.

President – One Year term – Jackie Davis elected by acclamation Vice-President – One Year term – Barry Nakahara elected by acclamation Secretary-Treasurer – One Year term – Florence Tellier elected by acclamation Elected to 2-year terms as Directors were: Karen Omit, John Tribe & Craig Freeman. Directors with one year remaining in their term are Jean Gelinas, Irene McAvena & Clark Hiles.

Following elections, President Jackie Davis recalled the meeting to order, thanking past & present executive as well as all members for all of their efforts.
2019 Canadian Grand Masters: MOTION was made and carried that the BCOTFA sponsor the 1st place award in the amount $ 3,500.00 at the 2019 CGM in Abbotsford, BC.  BC Fiddle News: MOTION was made & carried that in order to reduce costs, the Editor will send a PDF version of further issues electronically to each Branch, & then each Branch can choose to print as many copies as they require for their members.  Cost of Meeting Room for Provincial AGM: MOTION was made & carried that the Provincial body pay the cost of a meeting room for the AGM up to a maximum of $ 100.00 per annum.  Location of the 2019 Provincial Contest and Annual General Meeting to be announced at a later date.