Part 1 – Definitions

Part 1 – Definitions
1.01   (1)  In these Bylaws, unless the context otherwise requires,
(a)  “Director(s)” means the director(s) of the Society for the time being;
(b)  “Societies Act” means the Societies Act of the Province of British Columbia from time to time in force, and all the amendments to it;
(c)  “Society” means the British Columbia Old Time Fiddlers’ Association as registered under the Societies Act;  i.e. the Society as a whole and all of its respective Branches;
(d)  “Branch” means any of the several Branches of the Society approved and duly established throughout the Province of British Columbia;
(e)  “Registered address” means the address of a member as recorded on the register of members maintained by the Branch through which current membership is received;
(f)  A “Motion” is a proposal that the assembly take certain action; a “Resolution” is an expression of the opinion, will, or intent of the assembly, is usually presented in writing and, after discussion by members present at the assembly, must be accepted or rejected by a motion voted on by those present at the assembly.
(2)  The definitions in the Societies Act on the date these Bylaws become effective apply to these Bylaws.

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