Synopsis of BCOTFA Executive Meetings


This page has been inserted in response to a request for more information / feedback to the Branches and indeed to all our members on the proceedings and activities of the Provincial Executive.
The in-depth details of the roles and responsibilities of the BCOTFA is contained in the By-Laws which apply to the Provincial Executive as well as all the Branches and their members, however the basic roles and responsibilities of the BCOTFA Provincial Executive are:

– To offer guidance and assistance to Branches in matters related to our By-Laws
– To share ideas and activities throughout the province as they relate to fiddling
– To make recommendations of candidates for the Canadian Grand Masters invitational competition
– To provide insurances as approved by membership at the AGM



  • The 2025 CGM will take place in Kamloops on August 22 & 23, 2025.  Kamloops has established a committee of 7, Sagebrush Theatre has been booked.  Budget is of about $ 51,000 with $8,700 raised so far.  We are doing on On-Line bottle Drive through Return-It Express & plan to do an On-Line 50/50 in September; possibly putting out a challenge to other Branches to see who can sell the most tickets.
  • Recommendations re 2024 CGM – Max Francis, Kai Gronberg, & Nolan McFarlane were recommended at our last meeting but we have not heard if they will be invited.  If invited & they attend, we will be giving them $500 ea. to help with travel expenses.
  • AGM 2024 – will be in Kamloops on September 14 @ 9:00 am at Heritage House in Kamloops.
  • Fiddle Contest & 2025 AGM – will not be in Kamloops.  Hoping for one of our other Branches to host.



  • Old Business: Jackie still has not yet had any feedback from Branches having workshops, etc. as to recommendations for the 2024 Canadian Grand Masters which will be held in Whitehorse, Yukon. The BCOTFA will be recommending Kai Gronberg, Max Francis & Nolan MacFarlane & should they be invited & attend, they will each receive $ 500 travel support from the BCOTFA.
  • New Business: It was decided to keep two years’ worth of these synopsis’s & 3 years’ worth of AGM minutes on the Website.



  • Correspondence: “Thank You’s” were received from the Quesnel Branch re our participation in their 50th contest celebration, and from Central Fraser Valley Fiddlers re our participation at their 50th year celebration in Abbotsford.
  •  Old Business: Jackie has not yet had any feedback from Branches having workshops, etc. as to recommendations for the 2024 Canadian Grand Masters which will be held in Whitehorse, Yukon. 2025 CGM in Kamloops has not yet been confirmed.
  •  Our Association had 388 members at the end of 2022.
  • CGM 2023: Max Francis placed 5th & Michael Burnyeat placed 8th at the CGM in Truro, NS.
  • Provincial Contest & AGM: Will be in Kamloops September 16/23 – AGM to start at 9:00 am
    at Heritage House
  • Some wording changes to the contest rules will be recommended at the AGM: those being“ Contestants must play a waltz, a jig, and a breakdown (Tunes in 2/4, 4/4 time; ie hornpipe, reel, polka, two-step, hoedown are accepted). All tunes must be played in the old time style.” Also, Rule #8 would need to be changed to match. And changing Rule #13 to read “that out of Province competitors may enter all categories except the Championship Class”.
  • The treasurer received approval to pay the Insurance which comes due in September on behalf of all the branches



 Correspondence: Request from Kamloops Branch to be discussed under new business.

Sympathy cards have been sent to the families of Evan Sanyshyn of Surrey  & Cress Farrow of Merritt who both passed away recently.

  • Old Business: Jackie has been in touch with some of the branches holding Workshops etc. to see if they can submit any names of people who might be recommended for the 2024 Grand Masters.
  • CGM 2023: Will take place in Truro, NS.  Florence was in touch with our 4 recommendations.  Alex Randall is not a member, the other 3 – Max Francis, Nolan MacFarlane & Andrew Goulet were excited that we had considered them & appreciative of travel assistance should they be invited & attend.
  • Provincial Contest & AGM: Will be in Kamloops September 16/23 – AGM to start at 9:00 am at Heritage House.  Kamloops requested and received approval for up to $525 to assist them in increasing the prize money for Out of Province category at this years’ contest.
  •  CGM 2025: The Kamloops Branch requested & received a commitment of $3,500 (1st prize) + $ 2,392.70 which came to us from the 2019 CGM.



· Correspondence: Note from Yazmin Casal thanking the BCOTFA for an informative Website which assisted her daughter while working on a Girl Scout badge project. Also a note from Dale McGregor was received with an idea of livestreaming dances/events. Dale will be contacted for next possible steps.

· Old Business: Regarding the status of Branches AGM’s, not all Branches had submitted the requested information & it will be necessary to follow up further.

· CGM 2023: Will take place in Truro, NS. If they are members, we will recommend the top 4 Championship placements from our two 2022 BCOTFA contests. Those recommended members who attend the CGM, will receive $ 500 from our Association to assist with travel expenses.

· Newsletter: Elizabeth Ewen was thanked for taking on the task of putting together the Feb/23 issue.

· Provincial Contest & AGM: Looking for different locations to hold.

· Discussion re Contest Rules regarding Reel/Breakdown: Hal Giles & Doreen Rail were asked to come up with a change to the wording that could be taken to the next AGM for approval.

· CGM 2025: The Kamloops Branch is attempting to get information with respect to hosting.


Synopsis of Executive Meeting of September 19, 2022

– March 31, 2022 financial statements as reviewed by Ada Brown were accepted as distributed.
– Letter from Hal Giles of Williams Lake Branch regarding their decision to dissolve was received & accepted with regret.
– The BCOTFA Annual General Meeting will be held in Kamloops on September 25, 2022
– Total membership of the Association as of January 1, 2022 was 425
– Our liability insurance will be renewed as of October 1, 2022 and the Provincial Association will be paying for this on behalf of all the Branches.



Minutes of February 3, 2022 Executive Skype meeting

Minutes of the October 13, 2021 Skype meeting were accepted as provided on Motion by John Tribe, 2nd Karen Omit & Carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Florence Tellier reported that the bank balance at December 31, 2021 was $16,824.89.  Some branches are now submitting the per capita dues & approximately $1,600.00 was deposited in January.  The above report was accepted on Motion by Florence Tellier, 2nd John Tribe & Carried.

Correspondence:  Note from Hal Giles indicating that Williams Lake is struggling to carry on.

    Letter from Mark Sullivan requesting financial support for a CD project (discussed under new business).

Total membership information:  With only 7 of the 13 branches having reported so far, total membership not available.

Old Business:  None.  

New Business:  AGM – Jackie advised that we must have an AGM in 2022.  Motion by John Tribe, 2nd Jean Gelinas to plan for an October 2, 2022 Zoom meeting at 10:00 am.  Carried.  This could be changed to an in person meeting or it could be a combination of in person & Zoom.

Mark Sullivan request for financial assistanceMotion by John Tribe to not support with $$ in advance, 2nd Karen Omit.

Amended Motion by John Tribe to not support with $$ in advance of production of CD, but would support once produced, 2nd Jean Gelinas & Carried.

Next meeting tentatively Thursday September 1, 2022 at 7:00 pm

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 7:34 pm 

Florence Tellier, Secretary-Treasurer