Synopsis of BCOTFA AGM Meetings

Synopsis of the fortieth Annual General Meeting – June 3, 2018 – Kelowna, BC
Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship 2018: Contestants recommended for this year were: Members Michael Burnyeat, Lia Gronberg, Anita Mamela & non-member Quin Etherridge – Pedden. Chloe Nakahara was recommended as an alternate.  Travel Grants for CGM 2018: MOTION was made & carried that we fund BCOTFA member competitors to a total of $1,400.00, with a maximum of $400.00 per person.  Changes to Bylaws: MOTION was made & carried to accept the revised Bylaws as circulated at the June 3/18 AGM.

The meeting then adjourned & Election of Officers for 2018-2019 took place.

President – One Year term – Jackie Davis elected by acclamation Vice-President – One Year term – Barry Nakahara elected by acclamation Secretary-Treasurer – One Year term – Florence Tellier elected by acclamation Elected to 2-year terms as Directors were: Karen Omit, John Tribe & Craig Freeman. Directors with one year remaining in their term are Jean Gelinas, Irene McAvena & Clark Hiles.

Following elections, President Jackie Davis recalled the meeting to order, thanking past & present executive as well as all members for all of their efforts.
2019 Canadian Grand Masters: MOTION was made and carried that the BCOTFA sponsor the 1st place award in the amount $ 3,500.00 at the 2019 CGM in Abbotsford, BC.  BC Fiddle News: MOTION was made & carried that in order to reduce costs, the Editor will send a PDF version of further issues electronically to each Branch, & then each Branch can choose to print as many copies as they require for their members.  Cost of Meeting Room for Provincial AGM: MOTION was made & carried that the Provincial body pay the cost of a meeting room for the AGM up to a maximum of $ 100.00 per annum.  Location of the 2019 Provincial Contest and Annual General Meeting to be announced at a later date.