Synopsis of BCOTFA Executive Meetings


This page has been inserted in response to a request for more information / feedback to the Branches and indeed to all our members on the proceedings and activities of the Provincial Executive.
The in-depth details of the roles and responsibilities of the BCOTFA is contained in the By-Laws which apply to the Provincial Executive as well as all the Branches and their members, however the basic roles and responsibilities of the BCOTFA Provincial Executive are:

– To offer guidance and assistance to Branches in matters related to our By-Laws
– To share ideas and activities throughout the province as they relate to fiddling
– To make recommendations of candidates for the Canadian Grand Masters invitational competition
– To provide insurances as approved by membership at the AGM


Skype Executive Meeting of November 20, 2017

 –         The idea of a Skype contest has been put on hold for now as it has been too difficult to get competitors interested.

–         Draft #5 of the proposed new By-Laws will be voted on at the 2018 AGM.

–         Canadian Grand Masters 2018.  We have not been able to get any information yet as to where & if it will be held.  Possible recommendations of contestants were discussed should a CGM competition take place in 2018.

–         Canadian Grand Master 2019.  There is a proposal to bring this to Mission, BC.  All branches have indicated support.  All executive were in favour of Mark Sullivan spearheading a committee for this event.

–         Kelowna Branch has agreed to host the 2018 AGM in Kelownain June.

–         Kamloops Branch is planning to host an Old Time Fiddle Contest on September 8, 2018.

–         Jackie Davis is to follow up on who will continue to update the Website.


Skype Executive Meeting of July 10, 2017

– the only item of significance was that – A motion was made for the Association to again pay for the D & O and Liability  insurance on behalf of all the Branches for 2017-2018.


Skype Conference Call of April 24, 2017

– A draft statement of income & expense for the fiscal year end March 31, 2017 was distributed showing Income of $ 9,112.47 & Expenses of $ 5,903.24.

– Skype Contest – no further progress at this time as it has been difficult to get contestants interested.  Suggestion to try a “mock” Skype contest – maybe next November.

– Concerns of Branch # 4 – a letter was finalized & sent to the Branch & an e-mail was received back from Vivienne Chin with thanks.

– Status of CGM recommendations:  From what we have heard, it would appear that all four of our recommendations (Chloe Davidson, Brittany Iwanciwski, Kai Gronberg & Chloe Nakahara) have been invited & are planning to attend. We have also heard that Lia Gronberg has been invited by the committee as well.

– There is a request from the Quesnel Branch re the Oct 7, 2017 Provincial Contest.  They are needing some help with auditing & also at the door.  The word is being put out in Kamloops, Kelowna & Prince George.  Quesnel has also asked for suggestions re MC & Judges.  Doug Borden was suggested as a possible MC & names brought up re Judging were Ben Beveridge from Vernon, Sydney Wilson, Chloe Davidson & an Ingrid “someone” from Williams Lake.

– In preparation for the transition to the new B.C. Societies Act (deadline of Nov, 2018 to transition) Jackie Davis has done some research, as has Florence Tellier, but more information is still needed.  There was a discussion as to which of the 4 types of Societies we would best fit into. Jackie & Florence to get further info in the next week or so & then send out an e-mail to all Branches looking for feedback from them.

– Next meeting to be July 10, 2017


Skype Meeting January 23, 2017

– Treasurer reported that during the period April 1/16 to December 31/16 income was $ 5,281, Expenses were $ 4,145 for a gain during that period of $ $ 1,135.

– Skype Contest:  John Tribe has not yet been successful in his attempts to arrange this, but is willing to continue trying.

– There was a query as to whether one round of play at a contest would be acceptable & it was felt that there is nothing in the Provincial Contest rules to indicate that there must be two.

– 2017 Canadian Grand Masters:  Based on only two contests in 2016, we are recommending to the Grand Masters committee that the following four be invited from BC:  Chloe Davidson, Chloe Nakahara, Brittany Iwanciwski and Kai Gronberg.   We are recommending Lia Gronberg and Micki-Lee Smith as alternates if needed.

– 2017 CGM is in Quebec and it was recommended that the travel grant for this year be increased from $300 to $ 400.

– The new Societies Act was brought up and is to be investigated further prior to the the next Skype meeting which is scheduled for April 24, 2017.


Skype Meeting of April 17, 2016

  • Old Business:
  • Fiddle contests an idea to have a contest via Skype
  • When to do?   Skype contest: possibly in November 2016
    • Shamma, Patti, Mark, agree that they would be interested in participating as JudgesEach branch could find a center venue to set up Skype contest, possibly a school, hall, board room.Venue to have for best connection would be hard wired internet, Wi-Fi or telephone speaker access.Hold the event on a SaturdaySkype has 25 connections for Audio and 10 connections for VideoMarks from Judges might be able to be texted to a location to be totaled.
  • Canadian Grand Masters Cash Contribution has been sent out.
  • CGM Contestant recommendations: Confirmation to be sought
  • All branches to provide the Provincial Secretary  a current board of Directors, their contact information, along with a list of all the Branch members.
  • New business
  • Branch #4 update: An in camera session was held with the Branch.
  • Nominating committee
  •  Report:
    • All Branches have been contacted however not many have got back to us
    • We will again to contact all the Branches before the AGM in Kelowna in June 2016
  • Motion Made and Carried to Not make any changes to the bylaws until the Government has given a list of requirements. Discussion on the change of time on the AGM in Kelowna to be earlier in the day.
  • Action: all Board members to have a look on the web for the Synopsis of BCOTFA Executive Meetings
  • Next Skype meeting is scheduled for May 29, 2016