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BRANCH 17 will be having their Spring Jamboree on April 25 the Friday nite , join us for a nite of entertainment by talented members of our Br 17 this starts at 7 – 9.30  then Sat morning we will have Fiddle & a Guitar Workshop 10am .  You register before 11am to play during the afternoon, you are on stage for 15 min or three tunes, do your thing be it singing, fiddle, guitar. This will last till around 4.30-5 and we will take break for dinner and back again for a Dance, we have invited the other Fiddler Clubs on the Island to come and join us along with any other Fiddlers so some lively fiddle Music to dance to. We have door prize – 50-50 and lite lunch.  We also invite anyone interested in joining our Branch of Old Time Fiddlers to contact lorrainehiebert@telus.net or edmed@shaw.ca

Our Dances, Meetings, Jamboree are held at the Fallen Alders Hall 3595 Royston Road,

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