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If you are looking for excellent World and Canadian level talent in the Fiddle and accompaniment, feel free to check out the following links.  They will add a high degree of professionalism and fun to any musical event you may be planning from Fiddle Workshops to music festivals to fiddle contests to dances and general playouts.

Fiddlers and Accompanists

Mike Sanyshyn:

Trent Freeman:

Patti Kusturok:

Trent Bruner:

John Arcand:

Mark Sullivan: 

April Verch:

Calvin Vollrath:

JJ Guy:

Gordon Stobbe:

Kelli Trottier: 

Alex Kusturok:

Troy MacGillivray:

Dr Bradon Smith: An experienced and trusted teacher of traditional Folk Fiddle with 2000+ hours of one-to-one experience.

Fiddle Organizations

The following are fiddle organizations that may be of interest to you if you are in their area for a visit.

BC Old Time Fiddlers:

Canadian Grand Masters:

Victoria Fiddle Society:

Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Association:

iFiddle Magazine

More information on Fiddling and its History

 a thank you to Julie and her Girl Scout troop for the giving us a link to much more information on Fiddling!