altBranch # 12 Kamloops

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Kamloops with a population of 85,000 lies at the end of the Coquihalla Highway some 200 km north from Hope.

The city lies in the Thompson River Valley at the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers. Established as a fur trading centre in 1812, it served multiple purposes including a main rail centre for the Canadian Pacific Railway from 1886. The city was incorporated in 1893 and home to 1000 people.

The major industrial support for todays community is agriculture, forestry/wood products & mining. It also provides support and infrastructual support to the copper producer in the Highland Valley to the south.
Kamloops, Canada’s Tournament Capital, provides world-class facilities for national and international athletes, while supporting local participation and training programs at every level of competition.  Facilities include the Tournament Capital Centre, Pools, Arenas, Fields and Gyms.


  • Approximately 70 members (includes 18 musicians)

Regular meetings

  • Held four times a year at Heritage House, 100 Lorne Street, Riverside Park.  Members are contacted in advance of meeting dates.

Practice Sessions

  • Practice Sessions held every Tuesday evening – 7:-9:00 PM from September 13, 2016 to May 30, 2017 (except for April 11/17 & May 16/17) in the lower lounge of Heritage House, 100 Lorne Street in Kamloops.  Everyone playing an instrument is welcome (fiddles, guitars, mandolins, etc.)
  • ON THE EVENING OF MAR 21st, the regular practice will be replaced by GORDON STOBBE & JJ GUY – MUSICIAN’S WORKSHOP BETWEEN 7 & 9 pm.  Cost is $20 for non-members of the Kamloops Branch.  For more info, call 250-376-2330.
  •  Florence Tellier, Secretary-Treasurer – phone # 250-376-2330
Special Events
  • Dances on the first Saturday of the month until May 6.  Everyone is welcome.  Call 250-376-2330 for more info or just show up!  Members are $6 – non members $10.
  • Annual Campout/Jamboree held on the Father’s Day weekend each year at Grandview Acres.  Call 250-376-2330 for more info.
  • GORDON STOBBE & JJ GUY are coming to Kamloops again on March 21st – there will be a concert at Hal Rogers Centre (McGowan Park) at 2:00 PM for $ 15.00/person.  For more info or tickets contact Florence @ 250-376-2330.  That evening they will be doing a musicians’ workshop in the lower lounge of Heritage House.


Executive for 2016: 

  • President – Jackie Davis 250-319-3680
  • Vice-President – Vacant
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Florence Tellier
  • Directors – Stephanie Clow, Marj Millman, Betty Tasko, , Pat Benson, Dave Lynn & Herman Kovacs.
  •  Membership–Jackie Davis
  • Sunshine–Betty Tasko 250-372-2809.