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The Central Fraser Branch#4 is located in Abbotsford, BC and is one of the earlier branches of Old Time Fiddlers to be initiated and remains very active to this day.  The sense of cameraderie within the Club and with other Clubs is excellent!  Please come and join our practice. We welcomed 4 new members already this year and would love to see you there too.

We normally have over 30 members each year, from all ages and backgrounds.
We are a fun-loving group that simply enjoys old time music! You don’t have to be a musician to join us. Indeed, over the years we have had members who simply want to help and volunteer at our events. There is always so much to do at our Day Camp, Fiddlerama concert etc. We need volunteers running the club too – people who can do graphics, update our website, do our finances, write grant applications, publicity and advertising, and a million other things! You could also just come and dance!

Message to young Fiddle Club members with WELCOME TO ALL YOUNG MUSICIANS!

Central Fraser Valley Fiddlers has invited new fiddlers in clubs to participate along with us. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and play along with fiddlers of all ages and abilities.

These special practices will be held on the second and fourth Wed. of each month during the months of Sept. to June, from 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm. The last 15 minutes, 8:30 to 8:45 the students will join the big group of fiddlers to go over the tunes the students are rehearsing. Some nights they will be exposed to master fiddlers who will instruct bowing and fiddle technique as well as tunes. it would be quite an experience for them. Additional opportunities of joining in the main performances is also available.

Executive for 2018: 
  • President – Vivienne Chin
  • Vice-President – Jo Davenport
  • Treasurer –  Rosalie Eeg
  • Secretary – Elaine McLean @  eamclean@shaw.ca
Mailing Address:
Central Fraser Valley Fiddlers
P.O. Box 2246
Abbotsford, B.C.
V2T 4X2