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What Our Members Do!

COMMITTEES or (Where You Can Help)

Our organization only functions because of the help of our volunteers.  There are many jobs that require the help of the membership and while you may not be confident in taking on one of these positions all by yourself there are always others around to help.  Every executive member will be asked to be involved in one or more of the areas shown.  You do not have to be on the executive to assume one of these roles.

EVENTS   ____Karen Omit

1.     Takes the requests for Fiddlers to perform at various functions.  Other members and the membership at large refer requests and inquiries to this person.

2.     Get a lead fiddler to commit to lead the event before confirming the event.

3.     Determines whether it is a “paying” or “charitable” performance

4.     The Events Coordinator finds out what is required for the occasion

     What is the date, time, purpose (dance, performance, ?) of function

     How big is the facility (inside or out)  

     Do we need amplification

     Any special type of music, singing, ?

HOMES_______Heather Bartel__________________________________________

1.     The homes that we play at need to be contacted in the late summer or early fall to arrange (confirm) times and dates

2.     A contact name for each home is obtained and a contact number as well as best time to contact them

3.     The manner in which they wish to pay needs to be discussed as well.

4.     If a home needs anything special, or different or are requesting a change then the Homes Committee will coordinate it.

PROGRAM ______Lead Musician or “home contact”_____________________

1.     This person contacts the fiddlers and backup to ensure that the appropriate group is put together and that a complete group is supplied

2.     The play leaders would have their “regular” base group that would be a nucleus.  Others would be included to fill out specific needs and the basic idea of inclusion would be followed i.e. include everyone we can.

3.     If a Lead Musician has a concern or a problem, the he should try and make a correction.  If the play groups are standardized then this component of his job is greatly reduced.

SUNSHINE______Karen Omit________________________________________

1.     This person undertakes to provide sunshine services which are:

     If someone is sick (usually hospitalized) then a card, flowers, and a visit are done.

The Sunshine Person is to keep a record of cards, flowers, donation requests, etc.

Makes requests checks for memorial donations of $75 or buys flowers from a float.

COMMUNICATIONS  Lynn Tribe__________________________________

1.     The Communications Coordinator compiles the monthly calendar for the musicians.  This is currently being done during the last week of the month..

2.     The current practice is to use the back of the calendar for a folksy monthly newsletter when possible

3.     The web site is currently being managed by Provincial BCOTFA for the entire province.   There are links to the Branch #7 page where there is  general information as well as the current calendar and monthly newsletter.  John Tribe keeps Branch #7 site up to date

PROVINCIAL NEWSLETTER  ____HEATHER BARTEL _________________________

1.     The provincial news letter is published three times a year, February, June and October.  Our submission is normally one full (81/2 by 11) page of text that can cover whatever we want in the provincial Newsletter.  Normally two submissions will focus on the contest with the February issue having a Fiddle Fest advertisement in it and the October issue reporting on the results.

2.     The contest poster is composed in January and submitted to the Provincial Newsletter so that it will appear in the February edition.

3.     On a rotating basis each Branch is asked to submit a feature article – Check the Newsletter to determine our next submission.

4.     The submission done by email to  John Tribe at and the dates are:

     January 15, September 15,  January 15,  of each year

SOCIAL  ______Conny Stamhuis Et. Al._____________________________________

1.     The social coordinator is responsible for the lunch breaks —

     On Wednesday’s there is coffee and tea at 9:00PM for those attending the Wednesday sessions.  Coffee, Tea, and cookies or something is the normal.  Irene McAvena

     At the monthly dance on the third Friday of the month there refreshments and cookies served at 8:45 PM during the dance.  

A qualified person with serve right gets the permits from the RCMP and “runs” the bar  Conny Stamhuis

2.     The Christmas Party is catered and bids are tendered in May

3.     The secretary handles the arrangements for the annual picnic.  This includes the park reservation and coordinates the Pot Luck Irene McAven

EQUIPMENT _____Bill Bryson __________________________________

1.     The Equipment coordinator handles any repairs (requests replacements) that are required to the equipment.  With the portable sound systems sound control is done on stage and controlled by the lead musician.

2.     If equipment is required at one of the functions that we are performing at then the equipment coordinator or his designate makes the arrangements

SPECIAL COMMUNICATIONS  ____Directors_____________________________

1.     One of the special functions is the “bulk” phoning if the entire membership needs to be notified such as the AGM

2.     Another special event may be the entry of a float in a parade (Rutland)

FIDDLE FEST COMMITTEE  ___Carol Jenson, David Hughes, Vic Ukrainetz, Irene McAvena, Dave Brama, Shelly Thierman,_Doreen Rail, Pauline Curtis, Lynn Tribe_______

1.     Our annual contest held on the first weekend of June is a major planning event that actually starts in the fall of the year before.

2.     Sub-Committees include;

a.     Contest Promotion – Bill Bryson makes signs for contest and parade float

b.     Advertising

c.     Facilities arrangement.


1.     Event poster are made by Lynn Tribe and given to Conny Stamhuis for distribution

2.     On a monthly basis there are 50 posters to be made up printed and distributed.

3.     There are 75 posters put up for the contest and these are made up and printed in the spring

MEMBERSHIP _____Lynn Tribe___________________________

     The membership committee will put forth a campaign to increase the Branch membership by:

1.     Providing a “new member” package with the bylaws of the BCOTFA

2.     A brochure of our general events

3.     A welcoming  chat to answer questions and talk about the BCOTFA

Paparazzi ____ Heather Bartel

Heather attends many of our events and takes photos of the action at these events for use in our newsletters and Branch promotions.

Treasurer ___Lynn Tribe___________________________

1.     The treasurer of Branch #7 is elected at the AGM for a one year term. The position requires financial expertise as well as dedication, time and patience.

2.     The treasurer reviews and maintains accounts on a monthly basis.

3.     The treasurer is accountable to its members, donors, funders and the governing board. The organization must be able to show whether it is making a profit, breaking even or suffering a loss.

4.     The treasurer is also responsible for managing bank accounts. The treasurer makes deposits and withdrawals.

5.     It is the duty of the treasurer to apply generally acceptable accounting practices.

6.     Other important administrative duties of the treasurer include ensuring that the organization complies with government laws and tax regulations.

7.     Financial management involves planning, budgeting and reporting.  It is the role of the treasurer to assist in the preparation of a budget.

8.     It is the role of the treasurer to explain the budget in simple and plain terms. The treasurer must present regular reports as required by the executive on the organization’s financial position.

9.     It is the role of the treasurer to advise the organization on its fundraising strategy. The treasurer may be required to prepare proposals for sponsorships and grants.

10.     It is the role of the treasurer to provide an annual financial report to the board and the membership.

11.     Liaison with City and Rutland Activity Centre.

Secretary ____Lynn Tribe____________________________

Following are examples of the tasks that are usual for the Secretary position.

1.     Notify all members of the Annual General Meeting at least 30 days prior to the Scheduled Meeting.

2.     In discussions with the treasurer – encourage tardy members to remit their dues of $20.00.

3.     Send in $5 per musician that is actively using the centre, payable to Rutland Senior Center Society.  This is due the end of May, this includes a list of the musicians.

4.     In consultation with the Treasurer and President, maintain a record of the current signing authority at the bank and the accounts

5.     Sent the remittance of $8.00 per member according to the treasurers direction, as of members role on December 31st of the year to the Provincial Secretary/Treasurer by February the following year.  

6.     Annually remit a $35 Provincial Trophy Fee.

7.     Compose, type, and distribute meeting notes, routine correspondence, and reports.  These should be reviewed before distribution.  With respect to meeting minutes these should be done as soon as practical after the close of the meeting with a goal of making distribution within a week’s time after the meeting.

8.     Pick up BCOTFA mail from box 20111 TCM or arrange to have it done about once per week.  Open, read, route, incoming mail and other material.

9.     Set up and maintain paper and/or electronic filing systems for records, correspondence, and other material.

President ___Heather Bartel______________________________


In addition to presiding over board and executive committee meetings, the non-profit board president has a variety of responsibilities.  The president is expected to review and understand the organization’s articles of incorporation and by-laws, policies and procedures, financial and legal situation, and strategic plan. As the board ambassador, the president acts as a spokesperson to the larger community. The President speaks in public on behalf of the organization and advocates fiddling.  By modeling appropriate behavior, the president sets high standards for board conduct and intervenes if conflicts of interest or confidentiality issues arise.

1.     As “chief volunteer,” the president acts to further the organization’s mission.

2.     The president appoints committee chairs and serves ex officio on committees.

3.     Strategic planning and fund raising are vital to the success of any non-profit organization. The president makes sure board resolutions are carried out.

4.     Many characteristics combine to make a successful board president. They include demonstrated community leadership; able to lead in handling difficult issues; and, the ability to communicate, listen and seek input from others.

5.     The president should feel comfortable delegating. Strong group dynamic skills are essential to keep meetings running smoothly and to deal with any conflicts that may arise.

BCOTFA Directors_________________________________

Following are examples of the tasks that are usual for the a Director position.


The Board will support the work of Branch #7 as provided for in the Constitution and By-Laws. An appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected.

Specific Board Member responsibilities include:

1.     Leadership, governance and oversight

2.     Serving as a trusted advisor to the Board

3.     Serving on committees or task forces and taking on special assignments

4.     Provide input to the board as appropriate.

5.     Respond/reflect members requests and concerns.