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Welcome to the BC Fiddle Events page.  In this section you will find the following pages;

  • The BC 2014 Fiddle Calendar – which lists the events of interest to fiddlers and back up musicians.  Here you can find dates and locations for many interersting activities from fiddle camps to fiddle contests to jamborees to fiddle concerts in BC and Alberta.  If you have a fiddle related event of interest to the fiddling world and would like to post the event on our website, please contact a member of the Executive by e-mail to make your request.  Please provide sufficient details in writing via e-mail or ground mail, as this will assist in the review and approval process.  
  • The BC 2014 Provincial Fiddle Contest Information Here you can find out where the annual provincial fiddle contest will be held this year and the pertinent information such as the prize structure, accommodation information and guest concert artist(s).
  • The 2014 Fiddle Branch Contest Information – Here you can find out which Branches are hosting fiddle contests in the 2014 season and the details of the contest such as venue, headline acts, dates and other relevant information of interest
  • The BC 2012 Provincial Fiddle Contest Results – Here you can find out the results of the annual provincial fiddle contest which was hosted by Branch #7 in beautiful Kelowna, BC.
  • The BC Old Time Fiddler Association Contest Rules – These are the rules governing each fiddle contest in the province for contests run by fiddle clubs who belong to the BC Old Time Fiddle Association. They were recently revised in November 2012 so be sure to check them out.